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Operation Kindess is a Go


{Crane of Kindness}

I left this little origami paper crane inside our mailbox for our mail-carrier (I have no idea what the politically correct term for these government workers are anymore…). I had been thinking for a while how much I loved leaving little things for people – strangers – to find. My junior year of high school I crafted miniature paper cranes (about an inch big) and left them about the English classroom for others to find. Late in my senior year, I had unearthed one which had fallen behind the books I used to perch them on.

In my excitedness, I spoke something (can’t remember what for the life of me) loudly, and one of my classmates turns around and says, “That was you?? I used to find those everyday sixth period!!” I had fifth period American Lit my junior year during fifth period, which is the longest period of the day as it houses all three lunch waves. It made my day that someone had found a little bit of brightness in my anti-boredom cranes.

This idea of Operation Kindness evolved somewhere in the back of my head, and while perusing the blog Kind Over Matter, I decided to put it into motion.

In the words of Cleveland Armory: “What this world needs is a new kind of army – an army of the kind.” Cue Operation Kindness. I want to be able to make people smile. That’s my goal. Just even the tiniest hint of a smile, the kind that just makes the corner of your mouth flicker. That’s my mission. Silly it may be, but it’s a whole lotta fun. Who doesn’t like a little surprise? And anyway, what goes around comes around, right?

Excuse my silliness for one moment while I go apply my camoflage and buy some combat boots off of eBay. Feel free to be my comrades in my little operation. I’m open to battle strategies to make this world a little brighter.

Operation Kindness is a go.