Snowy Sabbath


We had our first real snow of the winter on Sunday here in Virginia. It was lovely. That’s the one thing I love about these mountains – while it doesn’t snow all that often, when it does, it’s utterly beautiful. And the awesome thing about it all is that because we don’t often have snow, everyone turns up outside to play until their toes and cheeks are too cold to bear the temperature any longer.

I woke up from a nap on Sunday to peek out the window and find the soft, lacy flakes coming down quietly. Upon trekking down to campus for supper, I found that it was the perfect snowball and snowman making snow… just wet enough to compact well. It was great fun to see everyone in Chandler building snowmen and engaging in snow ball fights like little kids. 

Later in the evening I was invited to a snowfest down at the bottom of the hill. Essentially the lot of us ran around in the snow till our gloves were soaking and our toes were frozen, pelting one another with snow balls and building a not-so-effective igloo. It was a great break from everything going on right now. And I don’t think I’ve been in a real snowball fight for years (it took a bit to get my aim back). That made it all the better.

I snapped a couple photos, nothing spectacular, just some shots that make me smile. 



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