Back to the Future


This week has been pretty crazy. I feel like the minutes ticked by with an agonizing slowness, but then I blink and they’re gone in a blitz. It’s how it was last year – a mesh of chaos and meditation as we all fall back into the rhythm of classes and studying and human contact.

Last week was a whirlwind of last minute clothes shopping, packing, and trying to get everything into some semblance of order. Mom and I spent two days scouring stores for some new clothes and a few new pairs of shoes. After literally a dozen [or more] stores, we finally left with a few cardigans, three pairs of shoes, a two blouses and a sweet pair of owl earrings (a prize for suffering through countless hours trying things on, my least favorite part about shopping).

Dad and I drove down, listening to a mess of country, bluegrass, the little pop I own and Billy Joel. After staying the night in a hotel, we pulled into BV at around nine in the morning on Friday. I had hopped out of the car, full of butterflies as I drank in the easy familiarity of Main Hall, waving to my peers as we passed. We unpacked and began settling (stopping for a lunch of Hardee’s eaten crosslegged on my dorm room floor) before dad headed back home, eager to beat Irene to Connecticut.

The weekend was completely booked: a dance, football game, pep rally, floor meetings, Church… Monday was the respite from activity, oddly enough. I love my classes this semester thus far: a philosophy class with Dr. Armstrong (who was my bishop last semester) that promises to be interesting; German 3, where we like to pretend that it’s not Lord of the Flies the way our classmates keep disappearing; British Literature, which has proved to be a riot with Dransfield (whom I affectionately call Dransy); and my favorite class of all, Modern British Literature, which has turned out to be an Irish lit course.

I’m living with Kambyl again, which I’m stoked about. We fell into our beat within moments of her arrival, and I love the easiness of it. We are also rooming with a girl named Cameryn, who is an experience in and of herself. It’s looking like it will be a fantastic semester, one I am definitely looking forward to. Everything in our dorm is setttled: my photos are up on the wall, books properly shelved, notebooks neatly stacked. My closet bar had broken, but after a week of no one coming to fix it despite 2 work orders, Kambyl and I fixed it ourselves and I earned my Weekend Warrior badge.

Broken closet or not [insert Narnia joke here], it’s wonderful to be back in BV, progressing towards my future. Summertime to me was stagnant in some ways, the same things over and over, only 3 weeks of respite from the ordinary household tasks and patterns. I’m loving being back in the books, looking forward to the rest of the year and collaborating with my peers.

I feel like I’m officially an English major this semester, especially because I’ve begun setting goals that extend past Southern Virginia. I get a lot of English major jokes too (the only major that gets more jokes than English is Liberal Arts), especially from Kambyl. I spell something wrong… “aren’t you an English major?” I say something odd… “You’re  such an English major.” I refer to a book by the author’s first name… “English major…” It’s great fun, especially because I realize that those are definitely some of the hallmarks of being in the department. I think the most satisfying feeling is to have spent the afternoon or early evening curled up on my bed, surrounded by various books and novels and anthologies, a mug of tea or cocoa beside me as I fall into the pages. We’ve been reading Blake and Yeats and it’s been a blast. Especially Yeats. I love Yeats. No question.

Devouring all these books makes me excited for the rest of the semester and beyond (sounds ominous, doesn’t it?). It’s going to be fun, seeing where I go. Sometimes I feel like a little autumn leaf blowing about in the wind, other times I feel like a bright paper boat slowly but surely following the current, pausing in the little rocky inlets before moving forward once more. I’m looking forward to see how much I grow academically and spiritually this semester: I’m trying to soak up as much as I possibly can, storing it away for future use (don’t worry, I’m being careful not to do too much).

Anyway. Hopefully now that I’m back in my rhythmic element, I’ll be able to keep you updated more regularly. One of my goals for the scholastic year is to be better about keeping this blog lively and updated, and to change the writing style up a little bit. Give it a little bit more me, make it a little more authentic. We’ll see how that goes, yeah? It will be an adventure – and as you all know, I am all about adventures. :)



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