Packing Up Again


This summer has been crazy. I haven’t been overly busy, no. Well, not until this month. August slammed me with 2 weeks of vacation in New York, a week of girls camp, and so much packing in between. And the first half of this week is going to be packing, packing, and more packing as I head back down to SVU for a second year.

In a word, craziness. Lots of it.

I’m more pumped and excited to head back to Virginia, I’ve missed her all summer long. I’m eager to be reunited with my friends, begin classes [my brain needs to wake up again] and get back into the school-year groove. I’ve got my list of goals for the year in hand, ready to be pinned above my desk next to the photos of the summer. I have a lot to write about, and some new music to pour myself into. I’ve got stacks of books to consume and paper to fill, ink to utilise.

I’m excited for my school-year schedule: philosophy and mathematics at 8 am (not so thrilled about that, actually), German, 3 institute/religion classes and 2 literature classes. I’m super stoked for my Topics in English class – it’s ended up essentially being an Irish lit course. I saw my book list and wanted to swear my undying devotion to the professor.

Also, this year I have a new advisor, Dr. Silverman. It will be an adventure he’s new to SVU, an English person like me, and has a pretty brilliant sense of humor. We’ll see what we can get done with this English major thing this year. Also, I’m considering a history and creative writing double minor. So it will be a decision to be made. Luckily, I’ve declared before most of my peers, meaning I can get atop of things more quickly (i.e. I can get more upper division classes unlike others because I’ve declared).

My thoughts keep drifting to life here in New England. Obviously, I’ll miss my family, but I’m also going to be missing my ward up here. I was asked to speak yesterday, and as I waited was able to watch the congregation and realized how much I love them. It will be a  little harder than normal, I think, to leave them behind. Especially a few families in particular whom I’ve become much closer to. I’ve adopted 2 little sisters who I really don’t want to leave behind (and we’re terrible about writing one another).

My dilemma today is packing all the clothes I need, and all the books I need that will satiate my bibliophile tendencies. Should I bring To Kill a Mockingbird even though I read it through again this summer? What about the novels I didn’t get to this summer? Will I have time this semester? Should I just have my parents send them as needed, or just bite the bullet and bring them all down? The dilemma unfortunately extends to other items as well and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really just need to work on paring everything down to the necessities for the next few years. I’m struggling to let go of my craft supplies though, so I’m not sure how that will go.

I hate the chaos that goes with moving to/from school. I always have. I dislike having to reorganize and settle everything, find ways to make it just so. I wish everything would just go poof! and settle itself. I always feel like I’m forgetting something important, and I get distracted so easily.

But, packing is such a mindless task, it means I can sit and plan out things that I want to do and write, as well as take care of other odds and ends. The laundry pile never ceases to beckon. And so I’m off. A new update will probably be in a week or so, once I’m settled back in the Lofts (and then they will begin to steadily flow again).

I’m hoping this year to make better use of my mailbox. I write one friend steadily, but miss the simple and heartfelt communication of writing letters with a pen on paper, licking the envelope and peeling the stamp off the book to carefully press it on the page. And yes, this is a plea for you all to help me fill up my mailbox. I’ll reply, promise.

Love till next time,

{wish I were sitting here…}

{…looking at this.}


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