Memorial Day


Few things catch my attention like an American flag. I adore it in any capacity: clinking gently high upon a flag pole, drawn by little kids, hanging on a short pole beside someone’s front porch. I love every star, every stripe, every bit of red, white and blue it has. It has always makes my heart thrum with a certain patriotic tune and my thoughts are always drawn to the sacrifices that have been made for this beautiful nation.

Today being Memorial Day, I was especially thoughtful. It seemed like flags sprouted up over night, appearing along the roads in all sizes, hanging from the lampposts in towns, and buntings seem to adorn every window. It makes me a little sad to never see them aside from Memorial Day and July 4th, really. I think flags should be flown everywhere until we don’t have any more soldiers deployed and we no longer need weapons.

One of the saddest things in the world for me to see is a flag flying at half-mast. It’s heartbreaking.

But one of my favorite things is to see the American flag in unexpected places. I can guarantee, it will make my day. For me, it’s beautiful and idyllic and reminds me of everything I love about this wonderful nation.

Today as we were driving past a farm I’ve always loved (they raise sheep and Halflinger horses there), I noticed that they had carefully pinned a huge American Flag to their barn. I begged my dad that we could go home by the same road so I could capture a picture. I can easily say this simple act of patriotism and gratitude for those men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our beloved nation made me smile, and most definitely made my day. 

{old glory}


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