Dear Momma


Dear Momma,

I just want to take  a few minutes to say thank you. I know I don’t really have the words to express my gratitude and love for you, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to try.

Thank you for all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the birthday dinners, and the spoonfuls of cookie dough. Thank you for warm quilts and encouragement, goodnight kisses and home-coming hugs.

Thank you for your patience with me when I was an unruly teenager (we needn’t talk about that now), and your sympathy and empathy when I needed it most.

Thank you for teaching me a whole range of skills: cooking and baking, sewing, crafting and a number of other things that I have come to love and enjoy.

Thank you for teaching me values and principles that have had a profound impact on me: patience, confidence, compassion, faith, diligence and the importance of sticking to your guns.

I have so many fond memories of the two of us. Summers in Pennsylvania, filling the house full of daffodils, tulips and tiger lilies. Baking cookies during the Christmas season while listening to all the holiday songs. Driving at night for an adventure (remember going to get the Harry Potter book at midnight, spur of the moment, while we were in Elmira? We were up anyway).

Late at night, after a hard day, when I can’t sleep, all I hear is the lullabye you used to whisper to me to put me to sleep. It comforts me and makes me feel better, wipes away everything that made my day a rough one.

Everything you’ve done for me and Tay, thank you. There isn’t enough diamonds, gold or roses in the world that could serve as a representation of my gratitude and appreciation for everything.

I love you to the moon and back, and for each star in the sky and every grain of sand in the seas, oceans and riverbeds.

Elephant Shoes,


{for you, momma}


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