Back to Life in a Northern Town


This is one of my all-time favorite songs. I dislike the original (by Dream Academy… they freak me out a bit, honestly), but really love the version Sugarland did with Little Big Town and Jake Owen. It was flitting around in my head on and off as I prepared to come back to New England.

It seems as if I’d fallen off the face of the planet, didn’t it? We call that finals week. ;)

But I’m back in Connecticut for the next couple months, and looking to get a job. It’s kind of strange to be back, especially because I’ve carved a niche for myself down south and have really come to call Virginia home. It was hard to leave SVU and my friends, especially those few whom I’ve come to really adore and can easily call my best friends.

As we were driving away from campus, it was pretty hard. I realized that I’d lived for nearly 9 months in BV and had really been blessed there. It’s strange to be away – I feel like at any moment someone is going to pop by to chat for a while (in the words of the south, “sitawhile”) or I’ll get a text message from my best friend saying, “let’s go for a walk.” I feel like I can just turn to Kambyl and say, “I’m wanting ice cream… Ben & Jerry’s sound good to you??”

It’s good to be back here though – to be with my family, to not stress over studying, to be able to play with the dogs and cuddle with my kitten (who is not really a kitten at 9 years old and 20 pounds). Today I went to the homeward, which I’ve missed terribly. It was nice to sit in back and see everyone I love, those families I’ve grown up with. It was crazy to see how big the little ones have gotten, and to see all the infants. ‘My girls’ are all growing up like weeds, and are becoming more amazing with every passing day.

Mostly, it felt like home. There’s nothing like it. Yes, the singles ward is an awesome ward. We sing really well, and our lessons are always pretty epic. We’re all on the same page, facing the same issues: finals, boys/girls, a lack of hot water, terrible internet, homesickness… the list goes on. But home in Cromwell is something totally special, which I love. I got thrown under the bus a couple times, asked to give opening and closing prayers and to recite the Young Women’s theme from the top of my head (luckily others joined in!), but it was worth it. My only issue was that it wasn’t appropriate in my prayers to say, “we thank thee, Lord, for this wonderful university and for each of our professors…” considering the fact that I wasn’t even in the same state as SVU. ;)

I’m looking forward to see what this summer brings. It should be interesting. I have 2 job interviews this week – cross your fingers! I think much of this week will be unpacking and settling and getting caught up on some sleep (finals, again), as well as sending out a few letters and hopefully more updates on the blog! I have some adventures to catch ya’ll up on from the past month or so (like a trip to Washington, DC)!




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