Kels & Cue


Last Thursday and Friday, Kambyl, Bruce and I went to the AQHA horse show that was being held in Lexington (about 15 minutes away). One of my little sister’s friends, Kelsey, was showing and we wanted to stop by and give her some support. Also, Bruce and Kambyl hadn’t been to a show before, so it was a new adventure. You’d think I’d introduced them – especially Bruce – to Mickey Mouse or Rapunzel from Tangled!

It was a ton of fun to meet up with Kelsey and her parents and watch her classes (in both Western and English saddles). She’s such a sweetheart, and her parents are pretty awesome – so funny! It was cool to be able to catch up on what’s going on back home in East Hampton and in the high school.

I think what made us all laugh was how enthusiastic Bruce was about all the horses – everything about them. It made me realize a few things: that I’m always more comfortable in a barn than anywhere else, how much I absolutely adore horses, and how peculiar horsepeople truly are. Being able to introduce my friends to an entirely different subculture was pretty awesome – I was able to see everything I love about horses in a fresh perspective.

The show was held by the American Quarter Horse Association, meaning that the only breed being shown was the quarter horse. They’re gorgeous, all-purpose horses that are extremely reliable. I’m fortunate to know a few back home and can attest to that. Kelsey’s horse’s name is Cue, and he’s a sweetheart. A little stubborn, but a genuinely good horse, and they look pretty good together. I’m excited to keep up with what the rest of their season together is like – I’m betting it’s only going to get better!

On Thursday we stopped by and watched the English classes before going for pizza together. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t one that likes to capture horses in indoor arenas, but you get the idea:

{Kelsey & Cue}

{beginning the pattern}

{English line-up}

On Friday, we stopped by to watch the Western events, which are generally more lively than the English classes. It was really fun, especially since I am more familiar with English style events, I picked up a lot of new things. Kelsey did really well, and looked really great in the ring with Cue. It’s always something I do when I watch a show-  see how well the riders work with their horses, how well they’re paired up.

{all geared up for a western class}

Midway through one of the classes we were watching with Kelsey and her family, a Virginia storm blew through. Like most Virginia storms, it was a torrential downpour, but left as soon as it came. I personally was a little worried, hoping that the thunder wouldn’t be so loud as to spook any of the horses (because the equine species are rather fond of chain reaction spooking). Luckily they all did really well with the storm, and mother nature left us a pretty sky for our trouble.

{sun over the stableyard}

We had to head out soon after Kelsey finished up her class, but we got a group shot. It was a ton of fun being able to see her from home and introduce my friends to “my world” of horses, dust, hay and leather! Kelsey did really well in all of her classes, and I’m super proud! She deserves it, she works hard (and so does Cue, even if he can be a little bit of a punk sometimes). Love that girl, and can’t wait till she has another show down here in Virginia!!

{Bruce, Kambyl, Cue, Kelsey & I}

Here are a couple favorite shots I got of Kelsey and Cue – I wish 1) that I had a better camera in order to get clearer, brighter shots and 2) that I had more time/opportunites to photograph them. They’re an awesome pair!

{off to class}

{an amazing pair}

{practicing showmanship}


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