These last two and a half weeks have been crazy – enjoying the spring weather (that’s now gone), going on random adventures, papers and homework… it’s been utterly chaotic. But then again, what do you expect? There are five weeks till the end of the semester, then I’m home till the end of August. It seems like this semester has flown by a hundred times faster than the last, and I’m constantly glancing at my calendar, asking, “are you serious? ‘x amount’ of days until finals? no!”

As one of my Institute teachers, Brother Stuart says, “you will have trials and tribulations in your life. We call them ‘finals week.'” Couldn’t be more true!

But anyhow – I figured I’d let ya’ll in on what I’ve been up to the past couple weeks!

One afternoon, after classes were done for the day, we headed out to the rifle range with our friend Marty. Marty’s a cadet at VMI, and a really awesome guy. About eight of us had target practice, which Marty clarified for us: “it’s our own personal war on caffeine!” We used Dr. Pepper cans as targets later in the afternoon, which was pretty epic. I didn’t know that $5 of soda would bring such gleeful joy to a bunch of college students!

It was such fun! I’ve shot a handgun before with my Uncle, and gone paintballing, and I have my own archery kit, but this was way different. I think Marty (and the other guys with us) was pretty amused with my excitement. I’ll admit, I’m not a bad shot  – I got what I was aiming for. I was surprised though, when we were skeet shooting, I hit 2 of the 3 skeets! It was a blast (no pun intended).

I was going to post a video, but technology is lame and won’t let me. Will photos Kambyl and I took do?

Kambyl shooting Marty’s 22 milimeter pistol. That little gun was pretty awesome – not too bad of a kick (I was expecting more, and was pleasantly surprised).

Gun: an AK-47. Target: empty water bottles.

Favorite picture ever – Marty and Kristin! So ridiculously cute!

This was by far my favorite gun to shoot: Marty’s sniper rifle. I had a load of fun with that – shooting first at close range, then at 100 yards (at the Dr. Pepper). It was pretty brilliant. After I took my shots, Marty smirked and tossed my hot brass at me (‘brass’ = the shell of the bullet). I just grinned and tossed it from hand to hand, enjoying the warmth as my fingers were cold. When it finally cooled, I pocketed it. It was pretty awesome! (it is sitting on my desk now)

Earlier this week, we really got a taste of spring in Virginia. And gosh, can I say that I’m in love? I absolutely adored VA anyhow, but seeing spring literally explode down here is pretty amazing. All of a sudden, magnolias and dogwoods were blooming (be still my soul!) and daffodils sprang from out of nowhere. Kambyl and I have been positively gleeful.

Last Friday, Kambyl and I embarked on a new photography project/adventure, and went on a picnic that doubled as a photoshoot. It was 80°!! You knew it was going to be nice all day because half the classes were being held outside and everyone appeared wearing shorts and sandals and tees. It was as though campus had literally come out of hibernation. I was on my way to German to find that the drama class was outside Jonzzeys having a spitting contest (I couldn’t fathom the application to their studies, but it made me laugh). Anyhow, we had a blast finding random locations to snap photos.

On Monday, wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, Kambyl, Bruce and I headed down to Ben Salem to spend the afternoon at the river. Our intent was to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather while tackling some homework, but I pretty much failed on that front (in all fairness – Kambyl didn’t. she was a good girl and did her homework). It ended up being an afternoon of “how to skip a rock” tutorials, blowing bubbles and an impromptu water fight using empty waterbottles we’d brought. There was also some hangman and music involved. It was pretty awesome.

Bubbles!! We had an inordinate amount of fun with these bubbles. And then we bought more. :)

How to skip a rock 101 (I might have to do a separate post on this later!).

We also had a blast going to the opening night of Hull’s Drive-in. It was an awesome night – 2 flicks (Tangled and The Green Hornet) for six bucks! We decided to be silly and packed half of our room into Kambyl’s jeep – chairs, blankets, pillows… eight of us camped out behind the jeep for Tangled, curled up with blankets and tossing candy at one another.

You’d never think that a bunch of college students could have so much fun at a Disney princess film – but we did. We probably had more fun than all the little kids. It also helped that there were a bunch of other SVU students there as well – we were all parked in a row. We laughed, we cried (no really, we cried), we joked, we tossed candy at each other, we fidgeted… we had a blast. We’re planning on going back – when it warms up! – and hope to hit Lee Hi’s on the way home.

A pre-film pick-up game of no-net-volleyball, starring Casey Anne, Becka, Katie and BJ.

About half of the Drive-In gang from SVU – Bev, Liz, Kambyl and I. Bruce is behind the camera.

Because everyone at a Drive-in with a camera takes a screen shot. :)

I have to say, Hull’s was pretty fantastic. Small and homey, with a southern-accented announcer telling us that popcorn was a buck-fifty and that they had hot cocoa too. They played oldies, which made most of us want to dance a little – I mean, come on, who doesn’t sing along to “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” when it comes on the radio? All in all, it was a fantastic evening. Chilly, but altogether awesome (though next time we’re bringing pizza and more candy!).

So that has been my crazy couple of weeks. No doubt the next ones will be just as insane, considering there’s General Conference next weekend, a temple trip to DC on Friday, and hopefully a grand adventure the weekend after that. Let’s hope that I can find more time to post! :)




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