I’m officially on spring break this week, and I’m excited for some serious R&R (don’t worry, though, I do plan on studying… *sigh*). Though I’ll admit, it’s a little strange to sleep in as late as I want!! It was especially weird because all wards have been combined for till the weekend after next due to the small amount of students on campus, and that meant that my Church meetings weren’t to begin until 1 o’clock.

I’m one of the lucky ones that regularly has meetings starting at 9 am. Way to go first and fourth wards! ;) Actually, I prefer meeting earlier, so I can have the rest of the day to relax. We at fourth ward are strong supporters of Sunday brunch and 1 o’clock naps. It also means that because of the lack of space we have in our building, only 2 wards are meeting at one time, instead of 3. Always a plus.

But today we combined with 3rd ward for our meetings, which proved to be mildly chaotic, but enjoyable.  I had to laugh: in Sacrament meeting (3rd hour), I realized that everyone in Church today, from all 5 wards, was about 3/4 the size of my home-ward. But it was really cool to be able to see people I generally only see briefly around campus on Sundays, usually for about 43.5 seconds in the dining hall at supper.

I ended up being invited over to a friend’s house for supper – delicious Olive Garden knock-off soup with meat, potatoes and kale, along with warm cheese biscuits – and a fun hour of chatting with new friends. Half the table spoke Spanish is some capacity, so Kaia (an awesome new friend who also is staying in BV without roommates) and I made do with some seriously rough French. We got to, “je habite dans Texas” and quit. :)

Later in the evening we had a Church Educational System fireside with Elder L. Tom Perry which turned out to be rather fantastic. I love firesides! I love being able to listen to an apostle or a General Authority speak, and absolutely love the choir & congregational hymns. And our Institute usually tries to have refreshments (try, being the operative word, it’s become a joke because they missed refreshments once, so we all pretend to doubt the existance of food at firesides, mostly to tease our Institute teachers). Tonight was a little less than funny: it’d been raining all day, and was pretty cold, and then Bryndy walked in with five boxes of popsicles. It was one of those, “are you serious?…oh, yeah, this is the BV Institute, you’re serious” sort of deals. Still enjoyable.

I realized tonight, that despite being a college student, we still refer to popsicles by their color. One of Kaia’s friends walked up after the fireside, as we were heading to Hymns on a Hill, and handed us popsicles. Brother Moss suggested the “red flavor” while Paul (Kaia’s friend) went for the “purple flavor.” On the car-ride over, we determined that despite the obvious color of our popsicles, they were in fact “clear” flavor.

Hymns on a Hill was a quiet, intimate affair. Only 8 of us showed up! But it was still fun, despite how we were missing roughly 15 or so of our friends this evening. Understandable – they’re all home or on crazy-random adventures somewhere. Kaia and I had left our popsicles out on the front steps, and returned to find them frozen still. Oh, life. You constantly make me laugh.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this break (aside from homework), but I’m so excited to just relax in the quiet. The Lofts is practically empty (yay for no ping-pong at 11:15 at night!! whoo!) which is pretty nice, but I’ll admit, I’m missing my roommates a bit. But I do get to blast my country music while they’re gone, so that’s a plus! ;)

Hope ya’ll have a good week ahead!




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