Hymns and Sirens


I figured I had given you guys enough posts about Hymns on a Hill, but this one was quite the adventure. The last couple of weeks we’ve held it indoors because of the cold (all these Californians…sheesh), gathered in the foyer of Main Hall. A plus, though, is the fireplace and that we sing in a large circle. One thing I’ve always loved about singing hymns in situations like this is the fact that you can look at those who are singing. It sounds creepy or sketchy, but I love watching people sing hymns.

(skip if you want to avoid me waxing poetic)

Some people just have this little smile on their faces as they study their hymnals. Some, when they get to the chorus, close their eyes. Some look upward, others move a little closer to their companions. You can tell when you begin to sing someone’s favorite: their smile grows a little wider, they sing a bit louder and the glow a little brighter. Another person catches their smile and smiles too – it becomes contagious. I absolutely adore seeing that happen. It’s as though angels are singing along. How amazing it is to achieve so full a sound despite a small number of voices!

(done waxing poetic now)

Tonight, just as we had finished If I Could Hie to Kolob and were beginning another song when one of the security guards walked in. This wouldn’t be too unusual, but this time he was followed by a cop from BVPD. And then another. And another. We continued singing, after a brief pause. A fire alarm had gone off. We thanked them for their promptness and continued singing.

More officers filed inside, walked out, then walked back in. They said a few things I didn’t catch, and by simultaneous agreement, we grabbed our coats. We were greeted by this bright sight:

Needless to say we had our closing prayer outside.

(thanks, Kambyl, for snapping the photo on your phone)

Can’t wait to see what will happen next Sunday…




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