…apparently that’s what people in Utah who are unfamiliar with cows do when they see one (or just my friend Jordan). When you see a cow, you hollar “cowpunch!” and slug the nearest person. In the Shenandoah Valley, this can get pretty abusive, considering the amount of animals of the cow persuasion. It is essentially a terrible form of punchbuggy. See what I learn in college??

I’ve been back here in BV for almost three weeks now, and I figured that I’d better catch ya’ll up on what I’ve been up to. Instead of writing a bajillion posts about the specifics of the last three weeks, I thought I’d simply do a somewhat-brief recap of what’s been going on at SVU. Sound cool?? Yeah, I thought it might.

Kambyl, Hannah and I have gone on several ‘adventures.’ Some planned, some not as planned. But we’re big into adventures. Of late, Kambyl and I have had a tendency to go on photography adventures to slate the thirst for picture-taking we both have. We ended up at Foamhenge and took a load of random photos in the freezing wind.

We also took several trips to Roanoke, the first being a book-scouting mission to the mall (James Joyce was our target), the second being a spur-of-the-moment hour-long drive to go see the movie Tangled (I highly recommend it!). The third ended up being a combination of the two in an effort to cheer up a close friend after she’d had a few hard days. Just toss in a blindfold, and you’ve got that third adventure down.

I’m realizing that life here is all about spur-of-the-moment. On Wednesday I got an hours notice before a swing dancing club/class. Hannah and I went and ended up really enjoying ourselves (though from just an hour of dancing, my orange PF Flyers somehow got a hole in them…). It’s just a small group of people learning the basics, but hopefully we’ll have more and have more opportunities to learn. Our ‘instructors’, Chanson and Brea, essentially learned the moves that they wanted to teach us the night before through extensive YouTube video watching. It should be pretty awesome.

It will be a busy week this next week, but I’ll try to keep ya’ll posted. One of my goals for 2011 is to update more often and share more photos, so we’ll see how it goes! Have a great day!!




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