Life Lesson #362


So I’ve been pretty sick lately – as has one of my roommates – with a cold. We have all the regular symptoms: the stuffy nose, the cough, the tummy-aches… the works. And we’ve been running on very little sleep while gearing up for finals week. Life lesson I learned this week? Never answer the door without looking through the eye-hole thing and never reveal your name. How, you may wonder, did she find this out?

…Well, let me tell you.

Ultimately, it all begins with a door.

K. and I had decided on Halloween (yes, Halloween as in 31 October, 2010) that we wanted to decorate our door in the most creative way possible. And what way is more creative than making an entire fireplace – complete with a mantle – on the door to your dorm room? With a few hours of preparation and work, we completed our mission (and restrained ourselves, putting it up on the second day of December as opposed to November). And it turned out looking pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself!

It was complete with stockings that hung from a mantle, a wreath with a little red bow, a nutcracker, a Christmas book, ‘family’ photos, even a little rug before the hearth! It makes us pretty happy, especially when people decide to leave little surprises in our stockings.

Anywho. We had made a pretty awesome gag gift for our RA Stephanie, filled with prank items and candy, all wrapped and labeled to look like something you’d find at Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes in Harry Potter (there are a lot of HP jokes on this campus and in room 119 especially). We left a note on her door and waited for her to come.

There’s a knock on the door and we run to get it, hollering and laughing, expecting to find Steph doing something random/silly/crazy outside. I open the door – with a stuffy nose, overtired and looking like I’d been hit by a truck, mind you – to find Jaymes (1/2 of the Head RA partnership) and the dean of SVU, Joe Bouchelle. Needless to say, I was wicked confused. It went a little like this:

J. Bouchelle: Hey girls!

Girls of 119: Um… hi?

J. Bouchelle: I just wanted to say that I love your door!

Girls: Thank you?

J. Bouchelle: Who’s idea was this?

K: ours.

M: We’ve had it planned from Halloween.

J.Bouchelle: Seriously? It’s this kind of creativity we look for when selecting orientation leaders and RAs!

Girls: thanks?

J. Bouchelle: I’m sorry what are your names?

K.: I’m Kambyl.

H: Hannah.

M: Ummm… Meghan Redner. (note my nose is so stuffed up that it’s nearly impossible to understand me)

Jaymes: (laughing)

J. Bouchelle: I’m sorry, what?

Jaymes: (laughing)

M: Meg-hann RED-nerrr.

Jaymes: (laughing)

J. Bouchelle: what? Do yeww haf a collddd?

Jaymes: (dying of laughter)

M: yeahh.

Jaymes: (still dying)

K: Meghan. Her name’s Meghan.

Jaymes: (still laughing)

J. Bouchelle: (laughing) Okay, well, I’ll definitely keep you girls in mind!

K: (always the diplomat) Thanks!

And then there was the standard ‘goodbye’ to someone you really don’t know but holds a position of authority, thus you can’t just hollar, “See ya later!” Needless to say, I wanted to die. The girls shut the door and just bust out laughing their heads off.

And this was how I learned life lesson number three-hundred and sixty-two. Never answer the door without looking through the eye-hole thing and never reveal your name while you are sick. You won’t be understood at all – you’ll be laughed at.

Now, I’m off to go get more tissues and gatorade. Hope this made you smile (I did after being horrified for about an hour)!




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  1. Oh Meg… I hope your feeling better! And don’t worry… Stuff like this happens to all of us!!
    Molly the Magnificent!

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