First Snow


I’ll admit it. I’ve had Christmas music playing for over a month now. But in my defense, so has my roommate Kambyl. I love everything that the music represents – the sweet Spirit, the warm atmopshere, the joyousness of the season. Kambyl and I headed down out to Lexington to do a little shopping (returning empty handed but for empty cups once filled with cocoa), intending to stop by VMI’s bookstore to grab a gift for her brother Connor. We had also planned on stopping by the parade, which was essentially the only thing we ended up doing aside from window shopping!

I’ve always enjoyed military parades, ever since I was little. It was little more personal this time, considering that we know some of the young men here (totally couldn’t identify them, go figure), and in a few years Kambyl’s little brother will be here too. It was solemn, especially with the cold setting in as the sun sank lower in the sky. As Kambyl said, it was “picturesque.”

And then, it began to snow.

We were both so excited, especially considering the flakes were huge and lovely and started coming down rather quickly. There we were, watching the Virginia Military Institute parade, bundled up with our cocoa as the snow began to fall – the first snow of the year!

We also had the mission to find the brick engraved with the name of Kambyl’s grandfather (where we coincidentally bumped into two other girls from SVU). It was really special to find that brick – luckily Kambyl knew exactly where she was going, otherwise with the sun setting we’d have never found it.

As we were heading back, I’ll admit we were a little giddy with the loveliness of the snow and the VMI campus itself. But then we saw this:

….And we were pretty estatic.



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  1. Hey!! The snow picture is absolutey gorgeous!!’ you should be so proud girl! It also sounds like you had a great time, and I hope that the rest of the holiday season goes just as well for you, if not better!
    Love and laughter,
    Molly the Magnificent!

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