Hymn 93


While I was sitting in the chapel this morning, flipping through the hymnal while the priesthood passed the sacrament, I stumbled upon the hymn “Prayer of Thanksgiving.” I struck me particularly as I had truly enjoyed both Relief Society in the first hour and Sunday School in the second. It has taken a while, but the fourth University ward has really begun to feel like home. The interactions are easier, more natural and Zion-like and the faces are much more familiar.

This is but one part of the reason I really love Sundays. This Sunday especially. Today being the first Sunday of the month, we held our fast and testimony meeting. It was especially precious because we welcomed a new member, one of the young men from VMI was baptized last night and confirmed this morning at the beginning of the Sacrament meeting. It was nice, because many of those who bore their testimonies seemed to feel the need to speak directly to him. It seemed to make the Spirit grow that much stronger.

My ward is pretty awesome all around. Today they held a little “Break the Fast” potluck up here in the Lofts for all those who wished to attend from 4th ward. It was very home-like to see everyone crammed into the 2nd floor lobby (boys are allowed up there for special reasons… and you really can’t so no to an early Thanksgiving!), chatting gaily and enjoying good home-cooked food. As small as our ward is, there were still not enough seats or tables for everyone, so the majority of us found spots on the floor to eat and get to know one another better.

Bishop is definitely a father figure, I guess as Bishops should be. He joked that he figured that by this point in the semester we were probably in need of a good home-cooked meal and family. Because that is what we are becoming: a little family. And he was right. I know it was just what I needed. Good food, good company and a good spirit!

Spirit is not lacking today: we also have a fireside tonight down at the meetinghouse with all wards. Tonight’s CES Fireside’s speaker is Elder Ballard, who has long been one of my favorite speakers. He addresses subjects that we need to hear, and it is always edifying to receive the words of one of the general authorities of the Church. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the CES firesides are the musical numbers. I am realizing more and more how important music is to our meetings. It makes every emotion that much stronger and that much more poignant. And it is usually just what I need to hear.

And not to mention, every Sunday evening a group of us gather to sing hymns out in front of main hall, but that is for another blog post another time!

Sundays are just one of the many things I am thankful for, but it most definitely makes the top of the list. I’ll explain it to you sometime, my list.




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