Things From Home


Top Twenty list of my favorite things brought from home:

20. my Swedish ornaments shaped like hearts made of straw.

19. my empty and half filled notebooks.

18. my post-it notes.

17. my giant photo clip clothespin.

16. my Young Women temple hanging and my Good Works tile.

15. a 2-pack of my favorite gluten free snickerdoodle cookies (being saved for my birthday).

14. my giant green soup mug.

13. my framed Haiti photo.

12. my old and slightly ratty Navy tee and sweatshirts and my holey yoga pants.

11. Bananagrams.

10. my Zune.

9. my origami paper.

8. my cowgirl boot slippers (apparently SVU approved).

7. my stationary and stamps.

6. my books – To Kill a Mockingbird, James Herriot, Gerald N. Lund, and Robert Frost.

5. my green plaid John Deere fleece blanket.

4. some of my photos, quotes, and do-dads.

3. the artwork of my friends.

2. my soccer quilt and crocheted lap blanket.

1. my camera.


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