On a Prairie – An Impromtu Road Trip


Last Friday, as I previously mentioned, 5 of us set out on an impromptu road trip to go see the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York. And what a trip it was. Six hours one way in a lovely little car, two moms up front and the three of us girls squashed in the back, it made for a memorable car ride.

We were determined to go around the world in 6 hours. Between four of us, we had music from Ireland (me!), Canada, France, Korea, Germany, Norway (I was asked as Lissa and Suzanne slept on the way home, “You have any of that Norway music, Meghan?”), African, and a list of others I can’t recall. Needless to say, we made it around the world twice between 3 mp3 players and a stack of CDs.

Eclectic music wasn’t the only occupant in the car. We had ‘handsome’ gummies, loud singing, bouncing around and general hyper-activity. It was bound to happen. At one point, while Sis. Howard and I tried to demonstrate the genius of Garth Brooks, his song “On a Prayer” somehow got twisted into “On a Prairie.” While highly amusing, it was also slightly worrying. Here are some pics from our time on the road:

{Who Wouldn't Wanna Ride??}

{Stopping for Chinese... and Purchasing Lissa?}

{Round the World - MP3 Style}

{Effects of French Music}

As you can tell, there was some serious craziness going on in that little car during those six hours. I figured, spending that amount of time squished in the back of the car… if you’re not friends already, you will be! Who knew spending what feels like a million hours in a car could be so much fun??

(up next, Pageant itself)


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