Ok, it will be rare that I post twice in one day. But I just got inside from about an hour and a half outside, lazing in the sun with a good book (more on that later) and my camera. My mission was to experiment with my zoom, and I caught some good shots of some gold finches and some sort of sparrow-y thing, so I thought I’d share.

I went out around 1:00, so the sun still pretty high in the sky. Unfortunately, that means the sun bleached the colors from the finches a little. Not too bad, but a little less vibrant than they are in reality. I have to say, I love goldfinches. They’re so small compared to most other birds, but they’re so lively and bright. Their little black faces have the best expressions, offset by their orange beaks and black wing-tips and tails. They’re extremely playful, chasing eachother around and tweeting and chirping energetically as they dart around, diving into nearby bushes or up into the boughs of a huge oak.

{The First One There}






{The Ugly "Duckling"}





I had a lot of fun snapping some photos and playing around with the zoom, as well as relaxing and enjoying the perfect July weather. It was sunny and breezy, with a beautiful amount of pure white clouds that looked like pulled cotton. There were a few white and yellow butterflies flitting about, skipping from flower to flower at their leisure. The little things are what make summer amazing. :)


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