Yesterday I finally got my new camera, a Canon Powershot SX120 IS. And I love it. It has 10x zoom, a 3″ LCD screen, an amazing auto feature and a pretty fast shutter speed for a glorified point-and-shoot camera. I was snapping pictures all evening, mostly of the flock of gold finches that feast on millet outside the window of my grandparent’s house. I’m excited to get some good shots of the different birds tomorrow. I plan on spending all day outside simply playing around with my new baby. Meanwhile, here are a few shots I took. Unfortunately, the majority of the ones I took of the finches came out looking a little blurry and dark due to the window screen. :) That will be remedied tomorrow!!




{Japanese Maple}

{Lemon Daylily}



I absolutely adore this camera. I was unsure about a Canon, I had been leaning towards a Nikon or a Kodak, but am entirely thrilled with this one. I’ve always had a ton of fun snapping pictures- I could spend hours doing it. And this little Canon makes it a million times more fun. I’m excited to continue playing with it!! I spent more than I probably should have buying a nice carrybag/case, a card reader (desperately wanted, I hate having to add a different program for each different camera), and a Zagg screen protector. Luckily I already had 2 sets of rechargeable AA batteries otherwise I’d go nuts having to buy batteries all the time. Though next on my list is a memory card with a larger gig. This baby holds about 52 high resolution photos – to few for a person who never turns off the camera!


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  1. Yay for the new canon! (I have a canon myself, a bit bigger beast, you’ll meet it sometime soon I think :) ) and buying a camera is very exciting, i love this feeling, and it’s wonderful how you can’t stop taking pictures when you finally have it (and I’ve checked your camera out over the internet – looks nice and have many positive opinions ^^). I love the Japanese Maple picture <3

    • It is as of yet unnamed…. I must dub it soon. :) I am planning on going out in the yard and snapping pictures till I run out of memory. Then I will skip (really, skip) inside, download them, and repeat the process. I love the maple picture too, I took it while waiting for my sister to finish up her emergency dentist appointment. I cannot wait to meet your Canon!!! <3 <3

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