So. My good friend Nina (who is the epitome of awesome) had asked me to ask a few questions for her to answer on her own blog. Now, it is my turn to answer her questions. So here we go.

Nina: What do you love about the six months ahead of you?

Meg: The most obvious is graduating in less than 2 weeks. I’m so psyched to be done with high school and starting anew. I’m excited to go down to Southern Virginia at the end of the summer, learn a lot, meet new people and experience new places. I’m loving the fact that this summer I can spend with my family and friends, read lots and lots, write and craft some, go to camps, explore, take lots of pictures and generally just enjoy my summer-time.

Nina: What is your favorite memory right now?

Meg: Just one? I would have to say that looking ahead to what summer has in store for me, one of my favorite memories is of summer camp at High Hopes. I love having the opportuity to spend at least 1 week with these amazing kids, seeing their struggles and then their triumphs. They are such happy kids,  and they have such a bright outlook. It really causes you to reevaluate life and priorities and helps you to see the world in an entirely different light. There are some lessons that those riders teach you that are some of the most valuable you’ll ever learn.

Nina: What does your bedroom say about you?

Meg: My room says a lot (including the fact that it’s a little messy right now, pointing out that life is bit chaotic at the moment) about me. There is a lot of horse stuff: photos, paintings, tiny plaques and a bunch of red barn stars. Post-it notes abound, as well as inspirational notes. Books are every where. In my huge pine bookshelf, leaning precariously on my bedside table, stacked in my closet. There’s a tiny little wooden lamb perched on a giant rock, along with a Painted Pony figurine. A few dreamcatchers, two pouches of worry dolls, a garland of tin stars, a handmade quilt. A couple of antiques: a candy dish with a Scottie on top and a tin jewelry box filled with my childhood collection of marbles. There is a van Gogh-inspired vase filled with pussy willows, and several tokens from dear friends. Essentially, my room is an extension of myself: a collection of things that I love, phsyical symbols of my personality.

Nina: What place would you visit right now, if you could?

Meg: I would have to say Ireland. It’s pretty self-explanatory if you know me. I’m in love with the culture and the country itself, and have always been entirely enamored with everything Irish (8 times out of 10, the song I will be singing under my breath is something Irish, promise). And of course, I’d bring along some good company to explore with!

Nina: What is something you still haven’t gotten around to?

Meg: if I were to compose a list, it would be entirely too long. But the first thing that comes to mind is teh fact that I’ve been planning to make myself another bag for several months and have yet to do it. Hopefully I will get to that and all my other projects after exams!!

So there you have it. The first Q&A. A small peek into my life at the moment, and there are probably some more peeks soon! (Thanks for the qeustions, Nina!)


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