My Signature Greeting: “Hey Ya’ll!”


I was introduced to the blogging world about a year ago. Just perusing the internet for craft tutorials or interesting articles about things I find, well, interesting. Never thought I’d have anything beyond Facebook.

But, after a few months of dancing around the subject, finding reasons and dashing them, only to have them resurface, I’ve decided to start this little blog, fondly called This Side. I have a few goals for this baby:

1) Communicate with my family and friends as I continue/start this adventure of graduating and heading off to college in the fall. I’m really a horrible person to communicate with electronically, which is the main mode of communication these days. Facebook, email…. if you send me a novel of a message, rarely do you get a response more than a few sentences, because chances are, I’ve got half a dozen other messages waiting for responses and no idea what to say. This blog is a means of communicating en mass with friends and family, hopefully with regular updates with what I’m up to, or things I find interesting (no aimless posts, promise), just to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. 

2) I’m a writer. And as such, I’m always looking for a new way to improve my writing style as well as voice. If I’m ever going to get anywhere with that crazy dream, I figure that I’d better start practicing. And what better way to improve than to have my audience be my friends and family. I know you’ll be honest critics. :)

I’ve always been rather selfish with my writing and life experiences. Several dear friends had suggested starting a blog to combine my love of writing and story-telling and my love of photography. And they wanted to be assured that I wasn’t going to disappear into the wilds of Virginia come fall. We want to be able to stay in touch and share what is going on in life. Because what is life if you aren’t sharing it?

And so, I will end my first post on This Side with my signature greeting, adored and despised by many: “Hey Ya’ll.”

Morning Glory

{One of my Favorite Photos - Morning Glories}


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  1. Love morning glories and I didn’t plant any this year,but they are beautiful. Have a good graduation and a great summer.Love Ya.

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